Mumbi Njoroge (QUT)

Strategies for improved disease resistance in micro-propagated bananas

Priver Namanya (Graduated) (NARO)

Towards the biofortification of banana fruit for enhanced micronutrient content

Anthony James (Graduated) (QUT)

Biofortification of Bananas for East Africa: Planning for Success and Public Acceptance

Stephen Buah (QUT)

Regulation of expression of pro-vitamin A in Bananas

Ruth Mbabazi

Molecular characterization and carotenoid quantification of pro-vitamin A biofortified GM bananas in Uganda

Betty Magambo (NARO)

Generating transgenic banana (cv. Sukali Ndizi) resistant to Fusarium wilt

Moses Matovu (NARO)

Molecular and Biochemical Characterisation of GM biofortified bananas

Benard Mware (QUT)

Development of Resistance to Banana Bunchy top Virus in Bananas: RNAi approach

Betty Namukwaya (QUT)

Development of transgenic bananas with resistance to Fusarium wilt (Panama) disease

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